Phoenix – The Guilty Pleasure

Phoenix – The Guilty Pleasure, Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica, 2010

The show consists of seven different prints on wood of various sizes. These woodprints are a union between fine art and technology. All seven works contain similar color palates of blues, reds, oranges, and yellows that have evolved from his previous black and white prints. Each print is comprised of entangled lines and forms that are configured in a free flowing manner. Parts of the works resemble brush strokes thattransform themselves into hair-like forms while other lines simultaneously remain straight and hard-edged. The culmination of lines and color create a type of unified chaos that is organized in its own organic style.
These new works challenge the ever-present topic of categorization of contemporary artin today’s complex society. PHOENIX – THE GUILTY PLEASURE is a reference to the inner struggle that Berresheim lives with when showing these works to the public. Berresheim here chooses his own category for his works of the Phoenix, as he believes that current work can no longer be categorized and the idea of predefinitions is dead.
In a series of fascinating contradictions, Berresheim challenges the nature of art and it’s future in a technologically infused culture. Often viewed as abstracted because of hissweeping gestures, Berresheim’s work is actually precisely calculated. His carefullyconstructed works explore the organization of lines in a non-expressive, organized manner. It is through his philosophical exploration of how color, form and line are treated that Berresheim is able to create complex environments within his works.

(Press Release Patrick Painter Inc.)